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Northeast Florida News

We want to report the stories here that will impact you as a home owner in Northeast Florida. You may have seen them or maybe life was too busy, but these news items are important to your life, your commute and your neighborhood. If its news-worthy for Northeast Florida, you will find it here on this page and a link to another page for you to get more information. From time to time, the “news” will be archived as it becomes old and stale.

Council approves money for more public safety

NewsThe Jacksonville City Council has authorized 100 new police officers to be added to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The beefed up force was one of Mayor Lenny Curry’s biggest priorities in the $1.27 billion budget, which the City Council unanimously passed Tuesday night. The budget also funds 42 new firefighters. Roughly $23 million would go toward replacing fire and JSO vehicles.

NewsAbout $131 million was approved for capital improvements, $8 million of which would be used to demolish the old courthouse and city hall to prepare for future development. Other capital dollars would be invested in road resurfacing, sidewalks, senior centers and parks. A million dollars would be invested in landscaping and lighting downtown. Read more about the Tuesday vote here.

Toll Roads Return in the News

NewsFirst Coast Expressway and North Florida Express Lanes are coming to Jacksonville. These toll lanes will offer faster commutes and a return to tolls in an area that hasn’t seen them in 28 years. The last tolls were on the Fuller Warren Bridge as well as on J Turner Butler Blvd. Many remember the old paper tickets, which will not be used now.

NewsBoth will be limited-access toll roads, according to the Florida Department of Transportation. Motorists with a SunPass transponder device can prepay their tolls on either route or be scanned by sensors in the overhead gantries for billing later. Cameras on the First Coast Expressway also will scan license plates of those without a transponder. A “toll-by-plate” bill for those will be sent in the mail. You can get a SunPass transponder at any local CVS or Walgreens and most grocery stores. The First Coast Expressway was built using bonds and those bonds will be paid back by the tolls. The entire story may be found here. If you are interested in moving to a new house, you can search here.

Jacksonville’s Overland Bridge in the News

NewsThe long awaited downtown Jacksonville roadway project, known as the Overland Bridge, may soon be nearing an end. Crews are looking to be finished with everything by the end of 2017. This is good news as the area has been in constant repair form for many years, first with the Fuller Warren Bridge repair which ended in 2002 and began in 1990. This part of the project started in 2013 to replace the bridges and structures that carry over 100,000 vehicles per day.  More information on the entire story may be found here.


Berkman 2 may get sold

NewsThe eyesore-of downtown Jacksonville may just get sold. The property sits next to the land that current Jaguars owner, Shad Khan, is trying to buy for his Riverfront Development. Many folks in Jacksonville would rejoice if the owner bought it and tore it down to build something new. In case you would like to learn more about Downtown Jacksonville residences. Learn more about the story here.



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