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Downtown JacksonvilleThis is a common question among people visiting Jacksonville. They see and hear so much about Town Center and the Apple shop. Then there is the Tesla store or the Microsoft store. All these items reside in the Town Center area, but they are not the epicenter of Jacksonville. Downtown Jacksonville has struggled to survive, but it is making a comeback.

Downtown Jacksonville and Cowford

Downtown JacksonvilleThe Downtown Jacksonville area used to be called Cowford. At that time, the river was not deep and cows could cross the river in the downtown area. Being so close to the ocean, ship building and ship repair would soon take over the downtown area. The river had to be deepened and it was, to over 50-feet in some areas. The Hart Bridge and Matthews Bridge tower over the water to allow the ships that used to come to the “Jacksonville Shipyards”. Those days are long gone, but the downtown area remains.

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